Bright gift for a loved one

There are many wonderful moments and holidays in life when we can give joy and pleasant gifts to loved ones. Moreover, it does not always have to be expensive gifts. Sometimes it can be nice little things that we can do with our own hands, and they can look very impressive!
Today we will analyze how you can make a wonderful applique from ordinary paper napkins that are in every home. What you will succeed in will surprise both you and the one to whom you will give it. This is an amazing and bright volume application that you can quickly make with a child from the age of three.
To make the applique, we will need: a thick sheet of A4 white paper, pencils, several packs of colorful napkins, scissors, PVA glue, a small saucer for glue, colored paper, and a little imagination and imagination.

The first thing to do is decide what we will do. We decided to make a festive bouquet and a bright sun on a background of flowers. Therefore, we first draw the contours of these objects on paper.
It should be remembered that this technology does not allow you to draw small details, so draw large contours of objects.
In our drawing, we depicted flowers and the sun.

The second step is to prepare the balls for the application. To do this, we tear the napkin into eight parts and roll the resulting pieces into balls. This is a very simple and fascinating activity, which is very popular with young children. We prepare balls of different colors and sizes, and put them in a prepared container.

Then the fun begins, we begin to stick the balls on the prepared sketch according to a thoughtful color scheme.

To do this, we dip the ball in a saucer with glue and press it to our sketch. Then systematically glue the entire surface of the balls in a row.

We decided to make voluminous the sun and the middle of the flowers. To do this, we wait a little while the first layer of balls dries and stick a second and third layer on top of it until we get the shape we need.

Now it remains to cut out the stems and leaflets for the bouquet from colored paper and stick them to the planned place.

We decided to make a frame of colored paper and a blue background from the shavings of a stylus of a blue pencil.

Glue the frame and rub the pencil.

Everything is ready. It remains to wait about twenty minutes in order that everything would dry well.
It took us forty minutes to complete the application and, as a result, an excellent and bright gift was ready!