We organize workplace order

It is always nice when all things are in their places and cleanliness and order reign in the office. Creative people always do not get along with this. Creative mess is a feature of all artists. But a small organization can still be brought in, and it is not difficult to do so. When there is a separate box or place for all objects, the order comes by itself. In this master class, I will teach you how to make an original and comfortable organizer for pencils or pens from yarn and an ordinary tin can.
What we need:
- the tin itself, it can be from under the feed of your favorite pet, as in my case, or from under any other twist;
- yarn of your favorite color;
- suitable hook for yarn;
- scissors;
- and any decor. I have these beads.

Can can be decorated in different ways. I decided to make a removable cover for her, which can be washed and put on at any time. We start tying with an amigurumi loop so that there is no unattractive hole at the bottom of our cover. For the bottom we make a pancake suitable for a diameter jar.

If the volume is suitable, then expanding our circle is no longer necessary. Next we go up.

To make the tying process faster, I decided to tie with double crochets. Rada, therefore, get wider, and knitting is moving faster.

We knit up until the can is completely "drowned" in our small case and we additionally make one or two rows so that the unattractive upper edge of the can is not visible. So that the top of the cover does not stand, but bends inside the can, you need to narrow the last row a little, gradually reducing a few loops from the total.

For decor, you can choose anything you want. You can leave the jar just in the "bare" case, sheathe it with beads or beads. I decided to make three cute flowers, small in size, with five petals and sew them on a small case.

I sewed these flowers at the place of transition of one row to the next. This I hid an unattractive seam, if I may call it that. I sewed flowers under a bead to make them look more finished and cute.

Here is such a neat and pretty attractive organizer we have succeeded. In it various markers, pencils, brushes, felt-tip pens and everything that is lying on the table will feel wonderful. In such a simple and quick way, you can tie both high and low banks, creating organizers for various items.