Unfading rose

Every woman strives to look attractive and compelling. To achieve this goal, many embark on a long journey through an endless string of shops, hoping to find the same “highlight” among the shelves and departments. However, it should be noted that stores supply goods in unlimited quantities, so it is likely that a few dozen more people will buy such a thing. What kind of personality in this case can we talk about?
Thinking on this topic, I realized: how to do exquisite and unique things with your own hands! In this case, "fate is in your hands", because you, based on your taste and preferences, choose a color scheme, material, size. You do not have to buy what is available. You are both a supplier and a buyer at the same time.
That is why I urge you, dear ladies: do, take risks, try! Only in this case you can achieve certain success! And the result of your work will delight not only you, but also the people around you.
In this article, I want to tell you in stages about the implementation of leather jewelry, which I called "unfading rose." For work, we need the following materials:
Pieces of white and ivory leather, punch, thermal gun, six chain links, a purchased brooch clasp, a candle, tweezers, scissors.

Any creative work begins with a sketch and a pattern of all the details.
1. We make templates for leaflets. We need leaves of different sizes and shapes.

2. According to the patterns obtained from white leather, we cut out the leaves in the required quantity.
3. To impart a delicacy, we punch holes in the leaves using punches. For part (3) we use a ǿ1mm punch. maintaining the distance from the edge of the sheet to the center of the hole 2 mm.
4. For parts (1. and 2.), punch ǿ1 makes holes at the edges and then fill the inside with ǿ3 mm holes.
5. In the parts (4), on one side we make a hole ǿ1. We pull the finished chain links through this hole. Next, we postpone the finished parts and start making roses.

6. To make the flower, we use the skin of one color, but with a different degree of color saturation.
7. Make the core. From white leather, we cut a rectangle of 20mm × 80 mm., Fold it in half, and, folding in the form of a snail, fix the edge with glue.
8. According to the attached pattern, cut out the petals and process it over the candle flame.

9. We carry out the assembly of the flower. Four petals (det. 5) are glued to the core with the inside, the so-called "bakhtarma", to form a small bud.

Continuing to form the bud, glue the remaining petals, applying glue to their front side. In this case, each subsequent petal should go a little to the previous one.

10. Choose the most favorable position of the leaves and glue them to the flower. We decorate the lower central leaf with small pendants in the form of leaflets.

11. To design the back side, in order to hide the joints of the parts, glue a ǿ50 mm circle, the finished fastener on top.

The decoration is ready.