Miniature Glass Bottle Vase

Human fantasy knows no bounds. What creative people just can’t do: paintings with nails, landscapes on the walls with putty, newspaper crafts, dough and polymer clay. It is worth recalling the breathtaking sculptural compositions that gain life in the needle ears! And after all, every person hides a creative nature under the guise of an office worker. Almost every unnecessary thing in the house can be reused: CD-ROMs, pieces of cloth, the remains of thread and even old empty glass bottles. It is from one of these glass pieces that you can make a cute flower vase.
To do this, you will need the bottle itself, cotton threads, acetone or nail polish remover, acrylic or stained glass paints, ice water, brushes, matches and a little patience.

First, remove all paper labels. Tip: if the sticker is properly glued, place the bottle for 20 minutes in a bucket of warm water - then it can be easily removed with a rag.

Then we select the optimal height of the future vase and wrap the bottle with thread along the diameter in the selected place. In this master class, the height is selected at the end point of the wide part of the glass.

Having fixed the thread, carefully remove it from the bottle and place it in a container with acetone or nail polish remover. You can immediately put the thread in acetone, and then wrap it on the bottle. However, sometimes the thread gets confused, so the more effective way is described in this master class.

Then also gently pull it back onto the bottle. Here begins a little, as it might seem, a dangerous process. But in fact there is nothing wrong with him. It is necessary to carefully set fire to the thread along the entire diameter.

When it finally stops burning, the bottle must be placed in a container of ice water. And in the place where the thread was located, the bottle will fall into two parts.

After wiping the workpiece, you can proceed to its design. In the master class, white was chosen as the background color, and acrylic was used as the paint used. Having covered the vase with the first layer, it is necessary to give it a little time to dry. Since acrylic dries quickly, it will take about 20 minutes.

Then we paint the vase with your chosen motive. There is already no limit to fantasy: you can paint, as you wish, as your soul tells you. This master class demonstrates painting in a chaotic manner, without any meaning. Since the presented bottle has faces, the pattern on them alternates.

In the end, give some time for complete drying and, voila! Here is the end result. This capacity can also be used as a candlestick.