Openwork candle

An openwork candle can be a beautiful trifle in your interior design, which can give you some special atmosphere, or it can become an attractive addition to a romantic evening or night. In addition, openwork is distinguished from ordinary candles by its uniqueness and originality. You can make it yourself at home, this does not require a lot of time and material money.
So, to make an openwork candle you will need:
1. Candle mass. A simple way to get it is to melt ordinary candles in a water bath or just you ordinary dishes.
2. The wick. It can be obtained by twisting the thread in several layers, or take a narrow lace.
3. Holder for the wick, which can be taken from a used candle. To be in an aluminum pan.
4. Form. It can serve as an ordinary glass or plastic cup.
5. Ice, snow or just cold water.
You can also use various flavors (it can be your favorite or any other essential oil), and dye (wax crayons or ordinary dyes are used to give a beautiful and pleasant color).
Having collected all the necessary elements, you can safely get to work.
1. To obtain a candle mass, shear or crush paraffin. All this must be put in a water bath in an unnecessary aluminum bowl. You can add dye here, if desired, and after melting, you can add a few drops of essential oil.

2. Secure the holder with the wick with melted paraffin and allow it to solidify.

3. Next, paraffin should be poured in small quantities, and it is always necessary to let the previous layer solidify.
4. After you fill the third layer, it is worth pouring snow, crushed ice into crumbs a little in different places, or dripping cold water.

5. After the candle mass is over, you need to give the candle time so that it cools down. This process is required, and in this way you will not damage the form.

6. In order to easily remove the candle from the mold, you can horizontally hold it under a stream of hot water. You can also remove the candle with a knife, gently separating the candle with a knife from the mold.

Your openwork candle is ready! If you made it in order to decorate, diversify or add some zest to the interior design, you can transform its appearance using improvised materials, as shown in the picture.