Indigenous Australia Musical Instrument - Didgeridoo

Today we will try to make a mysterious and sacred musical instrument of the indigenous peoples of Australia - didgeridoo. Who does not know didgerida is better to make from eucalyptus. The very nature, or rather termite insects, helps in the manufacture of this musical instrument. They gnaw a core near the tree, and it remains to find it and remove the sawdust. We did not have a finished eucalyptus trunk and termites. But in any city, you can buy, or at least order online, bamboo. Another important component in this sacred instrument is the aesthetic side of the material. Bamboo is very nice to pick up. In a good way, it can be made from a plastic water pipe. BUT playing on such an instrument is unlikely to be a pleasure. So, let's begin.

We will need a bamboo stick with a diameter of about five centimeters and a length of one and a half to two meters. Next we tie with a rope (absolutely any that you find) each joint. There can be a different number of joints - it depends on the place where the bamboo grew.

The tying of joints should be made as tight as possible. And so that then tie a knot. Next, move all the branches of the rope to the joint. Thus, we achieve rigidity so that the bamboo does not crack during the manufacturing process of the tool.

After these simple manipulations we get a bamboo stick tied around all joints.

And as you can see in the previous figure, we are preparing the adaptation of the day of making holes in the joints. We take simple reinforcement somewhere with a diameter of eight to ten millimeters and a size slightly smaller than our workpiece. The fittings must be sharpened like a screwdriver.

After everything is prepared with us, you can take a break and drink tea, and after relaxing with renewed vigor, proceed to the final part of the manufacture of the mysterious instrument - didgeridoo.
We take sharpened reinforcement in one hand, and in the other a bamboo workpiece and with confident movements we punch a hole in a circle. Next, make holes in all the remaining transitions. You need to try to achieve results without notches inside. This smoothness will provide a more even and pleasant sound during the game.

This completes the manufacture of the didgeridoo instrument from bamboo. I wish you a pleasant game and speedy training in various styles of exhaling air. They say that they learn from several months to several years, depending on your talents.