Box "Sea Breeze"

A little more time and summer will come, all the residents go out onto the street and, of course, to the beach. This is a wonderful time to relax and feel the breeze of the near sea, river or, if you're lucky, even the ocean. In the meantime, this time has not yet come, you can do things more useful than dreaming, although this is not harmful, and you can do something by the summer, for example, such a souvenir as a box-chest "Sea Breeze".
To make such an original and beautiful little thing, in advance you should stock up on such manufactories: two cardboards, scissors, glue, 4 cm wide lace ribbon, a simple pencil and ruler, a thin ribbon, shells (7 pieces), a shiny pebble or a beautiful neat decoration for the center lids, as well as beads (the colors and quantity of beads or beads are your own, depending on how you want to place it).
When you make sure that you have everything you need for the chest box, then we take a ruler, a simple pencil and one cardboard box. We measure in the center a square with sides of 5 cm, but you can make more or less. We highlight the square fatter, and continue to draw a strip to the end of the cardboard (see the lower photos).

To get how to fasten the base of the box, make additional lines with incisions, retreating 1 cm throughout the square.

Now we cut carefully along the lines that are distant from the center. Always check the photo if you are not sure that you understood correctly.
Now you should get something like this.

If you checked and got the same result, proceed to the next stage of crafts, but before that, glue the box.

We begin to decorate our chest. First of all, glue the lace tape, in this case silver, throughout the box.

In order to make a cap for your chest, we turn over the box for a while and outline the center of the second cardboard box, but taking into account a couple more millimeters, so that this cap can be put on without difficulty.

We draw the lid in the same way as we drew the base of the chest box.

We cut and glue, and then check how this procedure was performed correctly - we put the lid on the box.

We checked, remove and glue on top a small piece of a wide ribbon.

In the center of the cap we glue your pebble or other jewelry, and around the shell and beads. We make the edging of the lid with a thin tape, bend it in different directions and at the same time glue.
And such a charm you did. Congratulations!