Warming of the balcony with subsequent finishing with PVC panels

A large glazed balcony required serious insulation and modern finishes. The walls with shells of old oil paint and the chalky ceiling looked depressing.

As a result of some thought, it was decided to finish the ceiling and walls with PVC panels with preliminary warming of all surfaces facing the street.
To begin with, we needed a dowel-nails with a diameter of 6 mm and a length of 40 mm.

It is necessary to fix galvanized metal suspensions on these dowel nails.

With the help of a puncher, holes are made in the ceiling and walls, into which dowels and nails are clogged, which firmly hold the suspensions.

To the suspensions, rails of 25x40 mm in size are securely fixed.

Next, we cut the insulating material. In this case, 30 mm thick foam is used.

Polyfoam filled the cavity between the slats.

We are doing the same procedure with all the walls.

Next, carefully cut the panels for the ceiling and begin to hem them to the rails using a construction stapler.

The ceiling is ready and is already shining with a bright gloss.

At the request of the customer, a clothes dryer is mounted on the ceiling. For her, special rails were provided at the right distance.

Now we begin to finish the walls. For this, PVC panels with photographic imitation of Egyptian papyrus were selected.

For a more snug fit of the panels, you can periodically beat them with a hammer through a soft substrate.

A white finishing corner is mounted in the corners.

The perimeter of the ceiling and all difficult places are also neatly finished with a white plastic corner. This makes the room light and graphic.

To frame the window sill, the corner is cut along and only a flat bar is used for decoration.

The door slope is also carefully finished with a decorative corner.

At the end, a clothes dryer with threads and a system for lowering and lifting the clothes is mounted.

The balcony has become warm, quiet and beautiful. And now it pleases its owners and causes exclamations of delight among all guests.