Baked fish

Baked fish is a dietary product and has amazing taste. The best nutrients of the fish can be preserved by preparing it in the fresh air, using bonfire coals and cling film.
To grill fish over coals or an open fire, you will need a double grill with a handle. The standard grill can withstand no more than half a kilogram of product weight. For large fish weights, the broiler can be reinforced with an additional grill.

As a fish, it is better to use an instance weighing up to 500-800 grams, from which the scales should first be removed. Carefully gutted it, removing the head, large fins and tail. Almost all fish species are most suitable for frying, but fatty ones (trout, carp, crucian carp, salmon) are especially suitable. First, you will need to make an incision from the abdomen to the dorsal fin, so that a blank of small thickness is obtained. Expand it with a “pancake”.

We rub the fish with salt, add pepper, a few other spices (I do not advise experimenting with newfangled spices, it is optimal to use black and red pepper). You can lay the fish on top with finely chopped vegetables: onions, bell peppers, carrots. Also, an interesting taste is obtained if you sprinkle the fish with lemon juice and make small cuts on the piece, carefully adding pieces of cheese there. The cheese will melt, giving a piquant taste to the fish and increasing fat content using lean varieties.

We put a sheet of foil under the fish, if the carcass is large or the foil is quite thin, then we fold it in half. Cover on top with another sheet of aluminum foil and carefully wrap. This is necessary to preserve the juice when turning over during the frying process.

We prepare coals, there are no special requirements for the variety of trees, since here almost all the product will be closed from all sides. Already at the end of burning wood, you can already put fish on the grill.

First, hold the grate with the wrapped part of the foil for about 3-5 minutes, then turn it over and hold for another 15 minutes.
The average cooking time is about 20 minutes and varies up or down in time depending on the heat of the coals and the thickness of the fish. It is important to wait for full readiness, since then trying to "prepare" will be problematic.
After removing the fish from the fryer, gently open the foil over the edges. Add the chopped greens (dill, sorrel, onions, parsley) on top and here we get excellent and healthy food, with a live "haze" and in our own juice.