Drywall of drywall

The home fireplace has long been considered the embodiment of comfort and romance. And of course, many would like to have it at home. However, in our time, the vast majority of people live in apartments, which makes a fireplace just a dream and nothing more. However, if there is a great desire, then there are no impossible tasks.
Taking into account that even real fireplaces are rarely used for their intended purpose, it is quite logical to satisfy your desire to decorate them with an interior at the expense of a "raised fireplace." But here the question arises as to whether the price will correspond to the result obtained. After all, a fireplace without a chimney is only slightly cheaper than the present, but at the same time it remains just an ornament. And here modern materials and technologies should come to the rescue. The following describes a method of building an inexpensive home "fake" using wood beams, drywall and artificial stone.

1. Before starting work, you need to prepare a sketch and clearly calculate the size of your fireplace. It should be remembered that the entire interior of the room will be focused on the fireplace and must correspond to it so that it does not look like something superfluous. However, this is a matter of taste. In this example, the interior of the cabinet is in the style of a "German country house."
2. Drywall simulates a hard surface, but is not strong enough by itself. Therefore, the frame "false" should be made of durable material, and not of the profile. In this case, wooden beams with a cross section of 100 X 50 mm were used. This not only made the structure very rigid, but also greatly facilitated the construction due to the simplicity of working with wood.
3. After the frame is built, it is sheathed with drywall, which is then puttied and painted. The work is very simple and accessible to anyone and therefore there is no need to stop there.

4. In order to give the "false" realistic it is not bad to decorate it with a decorative stone. As you can see in the photo, the stone tiles are laid in a checkerboard pattern in order to hide the straight joints as much as possible.
5. It should be borne in mind that laying stone tiles both horizontally and vertically will not work, so you either need to choose the shape of the fireplace, where this is not necessary, or as in this example (in the photo) simply draw stones on one of the planes. It is done like this. An uneven layer of cement (about 5 mm.) Is applied to the drywall and until it dries on it, with a sharp object, the contours of the stones are cut. When everything dries, paint the surface in the selected color.
6. The fireplace is almost ready, but it is necessary to make a super-shelf. It will decorate the fireplace and make it more practical. There are a lot of ways to make it, after all, it's just a shelf. In this example, the shelf is made of a sheet of plywood and wooden corners, which can be bought cheaply at any hardware store. The design is fastened with PVA glue.

7. In order to bring the practicality of a “fake fireplace” to its prototype, it is appropriate to use an electric fireplace in it. So the fireplace will not only look better, but also delight you with real warmth and the appearance of smoldering firewood.