Summer mood for your child.

Summer is a bright and fun time. At this time of the year I want to dress brightly and always look beautiful. Moms often like to dress their kids in interesting things, thereby raising the mood for themselves, their babies and others. This master class will teach everyone to create original and very funny sandals for the baby for the summer with their own hands.
To create, we need:
- Acrylic thread in three colors. The main one, I have it is green and two colors for a flower. I decided to make a white daisy on green sandals, so for the flowers I chose a white and yellow thread for the cores;
- hook, scissors and needle with thread.

Getting to the knitting. We start with the insole. We make ten air loops and one lifting. Then we bind them on both sides with single crochet.

We make the next circle half of single crochet and double crochet. This is done so that the heel and toe differ in width.

Thus, we knit all the other rows until the size of the insole becomes a suitable size for the foot of your baby.

We begin to make straps. With crochets, we knit a long strip of four columns wide. It should be slightly wider than the insole.

We tie the strip to the opposite side of our insole with tying columns. So that the baby’s fingers do not crawl out of the sandals, we make a small partition, as on any flip-flops. It should not be wide so that it is comfortable for the fingers. Position it so that it separates the big toe from the rest.

About the same way we knit a heel. We make a long strip of single crochet and tie it to the other side of the insole.

Then we make the same strip, but we knit it not from the insole, but from the strap for the heel. With this strip, we will then wrap the leg and fasten it on the button so that the sandals do not fall off.

In the same way we knit the second sandals.
Then we begin to make decorative daisies. To make the middle without a hole, we make it from the amigurumi loop. We tie it with five single crochet columns.

We knit petals of chamomile from five air loops that are tied on one side. The first binding stitch must be single crochet so that the petal is sharp and the other four crochet.

I made daisies with seven petals.

It remains to sew chamomiles on sandals and you can go for a walk.