Recipe book decoration

We decorate a cookbook or a recipe book, which every housewife probably has. It’s not convenient to keep dozens of recipes in your head and it’s impossible to remember everything, so if you still don’t have this simple attribute of your kitchen, we recommend you start it immediately.
Necessary materials:
1. Notepad with a plain matte cover.
2. Clerical glue.
3. White enamel and clear varnish.
4. Coffee beans.
5. Cinnamon stick.
6. Bay leaves.
7. Scissors, pencil, sheet of paper.
The surface of the notebook should be such that grains can be glued there: not very embossed, suitable in color and not glossy. If you use the glue "Moment", then you can, of course, forget about all the conventions, but this option is also fraught with consequences.

First you need to draw a layout for the future pattern and outline its location. The crown of the tree should occupy about 30% of the cover, but not strictly in the upper half, but slightly lower. In this example, it turned out that the length of the tree trunk is equal to the diameter of its crown, but other options are possible.

After the layout is completely transferred to the surface of the notebook, it is time to pour the glue with a thin layer and place the seeds. This is a pleasant and short-lived job. The main thing is not to lose the border of the halves of the yin and yang symbol, then to cover it with white enamel. By the way, it is not necessary at all to wait until the glue dries, as the light movements of the brush do not bother coffee beans at all.

It remains the simplest: stick a stick of cinnamon and laurel leaves. The latter behave very harmfully, so you need to press them with a heavy book.

At the end, the work is coated with transparent varnish as desired. It turns out a creative recipe book, which is perfect for a gift. Inside, you can make a couple of your own secrets of cooking sweets.