Flowing flowers from a mug

Good afternoon, visitors to our site today we want to share with you a new master class "Flowing flowers from a mug". In just one day you will create a wonderful composition that can become an original gift for a loved one.
To create a masterpiece, we need: a mug with a saucer, a two-wire wire of 16-20 cm, sisal, flowers and a gun with glue (you can replace it with ordinary glue with a moment or with liquid nails).

We bend the bottom of the wire, grease liberally and glue it to the saucer.

We make markings in the mug, bend the top of the wire, also grease profusely and glue

Leave to dry for a couple of hours so that the glue hardens well

Take sisal in the palm of your hand and roll the balls with a diameter of about 2cm

From the flowers we make the layout of the future composition.

We glue the first flower on a section of wire to close it

Next, glue the flowers according to the composition

Flowers are glued along the wire to completely close it

On a saucer we glue sisal balls, thereby creating a clearing for flowers and closing the wire. After that, the flowers are larger

We decorate the wire with flowers on all sides, thereby completely hide it.

We glue decorative stones on the edge of the saucer, this will allow us to make it heavier and prevent the mug from spreading over the weight of the flowers. Mask the edge of the wire with a flower.

In finished form, our composition has such a beautiful view.

Little secrets:
1. The wire in the circle should be shorter in length than in the saucer, this will allow you to shift the center of gravity.
2. To create a composition, it is better to use flowers on a thin wire, it is more convenient to separate them from a branch and hide the ends.
3. Previously, the trunk of the wire can be glued with leaves from the flowers, this will completely hide the wire and not be afraid that it can light up in between the flowers.
4. If you want to keep the composition as long as possible, do not place it in direct sunlight, this will fade the color of the product and soften the glue.