A simple way to fix the angle grinder on a drill stand

If there is a need to fix the grinder on the drill stand, then this is easy to accomplish by making a simple fastener from a small section of pipe and a piece of perforated profile. To make such an “adapter” with your own hands, it will take literally 5-10 minutes.

The idea itself is to use the stand not only for an electric drill, but also for a small grinder. This will make the rack universal, as well as expand the scope of its use in garage conditions.

And first of all, a piece with a length of about 120 mm will need to be cut from a metal pipe with a diameter of 42 mm. Next, you need to cut the perforated profile into two identical parts. To one of them, the author welds a piece of pipe.

The main stages of work

Next, you will need to use a grinder to cut the second piece of the perforated profile into two parts. And one of the segments must be welded to a metal pipe at a certain distance from an already welded piece of profile.

At the last stage of the work, it remains only to clean the surface of the metal with the help of a petal wheel (or on the grinder), and then paint and install on a rack. After that, you can mount the grinder itself.

Details on how to securely attach the angle grinder to the drill stand can be found in the video on the website.