Where can I fit old wood saws

Are there old wood saws in your home workshop or garage that you haven’t been using for a long time? Good is not to be lost - it is imperative that they be put into action somewhere.

For example, from two old saws on wood, you can make a simple device for cutting thin sheet metal and profiles for drywall.

Thus, if there are no scissors for metal at hand, then temporarily you can get by with this homemade product. As the saying goes: "in war, all means are good."

The main stages of work

To make homemade "scissors" for metal, you will need two old wood saws that you do not use.

First of all, in the canvases themselves (at a distance of about 4-5 cm from the edge), it will be necessary to drill one hole each.

Then both saws must be fastened together with a bolt and wing nut. Moreover, between the blade and the nut, it is necessary that there is a washer.

At the next stage, home-made "scissors" for metal are fixed in a vice, and you can start cutting sheet metal. Cloths must be greased with oil - “dry” will be hard to cut.

For details on where old saws for wood can be adapted, see the video on our website.