Homemade mini chopper for rice and corn grains

To make a homemade mini kitchen chopper with your own hands, you will need a 775 motor (standard - 12 V), a plastic container with a lid, an engine bracket, a metal strip, and a can.

As for the 775 electric motor, it can be ordered on Aliexpress. Then there shouldn’t be any problems with the rest of the materials - they are present in almost every home workshop.

First of all, it is necessary to cut the plastic container into two parts. The upper part together with the lid will need to be installed on a can.

The main stages of work

After that, the master makes a cutting knife from an ordinary metal strip, which will grind corn and rice grains (you can also grind other cereals). The knife has two cutting edges.

At the next stage, the master makes a wooden case of the device, in which there are two compartments - for the battery and the electric motor with a working chamber.

Well, then the final assembly of the device is performed. First, a bracket is mounted to which the electric motor is mounted. Then you need to fix the battery and install the working chamber from the can.

It will also be necessary to connect and fix a button on the body to turn the motor on and off. For more information on how to make a homemade mini chopper for rice and corn grains, see the video on the website.