Very fast jigsaw machine

A simple home-made jigsaw machine for the home workshop can be made from ordinary manual jigsaw and plywood. At the same time, if you have a single jigsaw, then for convenience the machine itself can be made mobile - that is, with quick installation.

To "activate" the jigsaw machine, you do not need to constantly screw the jigsaw onto the screws. Just insert it into the "landing slot", and you can get to work. And the jigsaw machine itself can be assembled literally within 30-50 minutes.

The main stages of work

The first step is to make a desktop for a jigsaw machine. This will require a piece of plywood 20 mm thick. From the inside, we make a marking according to the size of the sole of the jigsaw plate and fasten the wooden bars.

At the next stage, we mark and drill holes for the saw blade of an electric jigsaw. After that, we try on and check that the file does not cling to the edges of the plywood.

The bars on the inside of the work table are adjusted so that the jigsaw plate fits tight enough. However, for greater reliability, we fasten neodymium magnets in the corners. In this case, the electric jigsaw is definitely not going anywhere in the process.

At the last stage of work, we fasten the third block so that the jigsaw does not move forward, and we also make a small box of plywood. You can watch more details on how to make a jigsaw machine with quick installation in this video.