A simple way to make holes in a plastic pipe

In practice, sometimes there are situations when plastic pipes that are used to install sewers (or water pipes in a summer cottage) require holes of a certain diameter, and there are no drills or crowns of suitable diameter on hand. How to be in this situation? Simple homemade work from scraps of steel pipe will come to the rescue.

The main stages of work

First of all, you will need to find galvanized or ordinary steel water pipes of suitable diameter at the scrap metal (or buy). For example, if you want to make a hole with a diameter of 32-34 mm, then you will need a piece of an inch pipe (with an outer diameter of 34 mm).

If a hole with a diameter of 20-22 mm needs to be made in a plastic sewer pipe, a half-inch pipe segment (with an outer diameter of 22 mm) is suitable for this. Having prepared pieces of steel pipes of suitable diameter, it will be necessary to cut threads on one side of each workpiece.

Then, using a manual hacksaw for metal, it is necessary to make shallow cuts (crosswise) in the end of the tube - approximately to the middle of the thread. Then, on the grinding machine, grind a slightly threaded part to the desired diameter and slightly sharpen the edge so that plastic can be cut.

To summarize

Using this simple device, you can easily make holes of the right diameter in a plastic pipe for installing the sewer. To do this, simply press a piece of the steel tube close to the wall of the plastic pipe, and twist it clockwise, "biting" into the plastic. Just a few turns is enough to make a hole.