Homemade clamp for welding

This practical, compact and easy-to-use tool will be useful to everyone involved in welding work. For the manufacture of this homemade product you will need to use a metal profile pipe of rectangular cross section with sides of 40x20 mm.

Preparatory work

Four identical workpieces with a length of 150 mm are cut from the profile pipe, and it is necessary to cut at an angle of 45 degrees on one side of each workpiece.
After this, sections of the profile pipe must be connected in pairs at right angles using gas or electric welding. For this, a magnetic square is used, which is used for welding.

To make a movable mount, you will need a cut from the steel strip of the desired length. We attach the strip to the welded workpieces and mark the places of the cut, after which we cut two segments with the grinder.

Manufacturing process

The resulting metal plates are processed on a sanding belt or can be manually filed, and at the edges we drill one hole. Then holes of the same diameter must be drilled in the workpieces from the profile pipe.

Next, you will need another segment of the steel strip, in which you first need to make two holes along the edges, and then, holding it in a vice, bend it with the letter "P". Also for this homemade product you will need a steel round log in which you need to drill a hole, and then cut the thread under the stud.

Then it remains to perform a few simple operations, after which, from the existing parts, assemble the clamp. See the video on our website for the step-by-step process of manufacturing this device.