Crocheted booties for a newborn

For knitted booties you will need the rest of the thread. Since booties for babies are small and knit in two colors, the consumption of yarn is very small. The way booties are tied is simple and suitable for beginner needlewomen. The only kind of loops used in knitting are crochet posts. And they can knit any needlewoman. The main thing in this model is to correctly find the middle and knit the top of the booties exactly in the center. The remaining steps of knitting are not difficult and are quite accessible even to a schoolboy. So let's get started.
1. For crocheted booties, we collect 30 loops.

2. Close the chain.

3. At the beginning of each row we knit a chain of three loops. Next, we knit in a circle a row of double crochet posts.

4. The second row is knitted with a white thread, also with single crochet posts.

5. The third row is again knitted in green.

6. Next, proceed to crocheting the upper part of the booties. To do this, we knit ten white crochet with white. We knit the upper part on 10-20 loops of the previous row.

7. Having knitted three rows, we break off the thread and fix it.

8. We continue knitting from the beginning of the row.

9. We tie the side with double crochet.

10. Then smoothly go up.

11. And thus we bind the entire part.

12. Again we begin to alternate the colors of the threads.

13. This is how the booties look in profile. It remains to sew the back seam.

14. The lower seam.

15. It turns out small booties for a newborn crocheted. It remains to tie the second according to the same pattern.