Culinary Notebook

This article will help you touch the creative process of creating a notebook from scratch. Such a thing will always keep your hands warm.

To create a notebook you will need the following materials:
- A4 paper impregnated with coffee and cinnamon (the number of sheets depends on the thickness of the finished product),
- thick cardboard for cover,
- Ruler and pencil,
- fabric for cover design,
- iron
- glue moment,
- needle and thread (or sewing machine),
- kapron transparent thread,
- velvet colored paper,
- decorative tape for cover design,
- thick paper for the design of one of the sheets of the notebook and its back,
- hemp
- synthetic winterizer,
- glue stick,
- various decorative elements for the design of the front side of the notebook,
- color paper for scrapbooking,
- a set of colored pencils (you can use felt-tip pens or watercolor).
Creative process
1. From thick paper, you need to cut out the base for the cover of the notebook.

2. Cut the cover fabric so that the edges need to be folded inward.

3. Iron the fabric on paper. It will be easier to work.

4. While the fabric is not yet sewn to the paper, draw a circle on the pattern. Sew the marked area with thread. This will make the center of the composition flat. The zone that will go beyond the circle will gain volume due to synthetic winterizer.

5. Cut a rectangle from the padding polyester to the size of the cover, but do not forget to cut out the circle duplicating the stitched fragment. Place the synthetic winterizer under the fabric and sew the product around the perimeter.

6. From the colored velvet paper, cut out a circle corresponding to the circle in the center of the cover. Glue this piece.

7. Sew the decorative ribbon using kapron thread.

8. Cut enough sheets of paper soaked in coffee and cinnamon. To notepad does not look empty, it must be given a twist. Select one of the sheets and print something on it. In this case, a selection of interesting thoughts about food was made. In order for the presence of this page in a notebook to look appropriate, you need to come up with a cover that will be placed in front of these notes.

9. You need to cut a rectangle from thick paper, paste it in front of the sheet on which quotes are printed.

10. When all the sheets are assembled, you can proceed to their fastening. For this hemp was used. Mark two holes at an equal distance from the edges of the sheet, make a hole with a large needle. Pass the hemp through all the sheets so that the "tails" are on the side of the first and last sheets. Do not rush to tie the ends of the thread.

11. First you need to refine the back side and hide all the seams. From thick paper, cut out a smaller rectangle than the cover itself. Fold it in half. First, glue one side of the rectangle, wrap the ends over thick paper and tie them on the "top" of the notebook root. Do not stick the second piece of thick paper.

12. Let's do a bookmark. Making just two strings peeking out from under the sheets is simple enough. I want to achieve an interesting visual picture. Therefore, we will weave a bookmark. Any weaving pattern can be used. In this case, two hemp threads were folded in half. Get these threads for those that bind the sheets and pull to the “top” of the notebook root. Now you can glue the second half of thick paper to hide the seams.

13. Fasten the notebook and start weaving the bookmark.

14. We proceed to the design of the cover. Find the right decorative elements for your theme. Fix them on velvet paper with glue Moment.

15. Continue the design of the sheets inside the notebook. The sheet that is in front of the quotes is decorated with colored paper. In the center of the colored paper, cut an oval. Glue colored paper to white. The section that remains white, fill in the inscription.

16. The second side of the white sheet, the inside of the cover, and another page, which is located a little further from the quotes, remained blank. For their decor, we draw various desserts and sweets. If you are not sure that you can draw cakes, you can make various kinds of applications from magazines. Here your imagination is not limited to the specified scope of the article.

Perform all the drawings on a separate sheet, then carefully cut them along the contour.
17. In one image (somewhere and two), glue on thick sheets.

Notepad for culinary notes is ready.
I wish you creative success and inspiration!