Floor repair, laminate flooring and skirting installation

The floor on the loggia had a catastrophic slope towards the street, creaked strongly and scared everyone with its appearance. Old boards rotted long ago and were not suitable as a base for the finish coating.

After some thought, it was decided to dismantle the entire old coating. Work is not the most pleasant, but absolutely necessary.

Then new equal logs on which the floor should lie were exposed and fixed.

On the new logs they laid a draft floor from a typesetting board with a thickness of 35 mm. New boards are fixed with long screws.

After that, a layer of sheet plywood 5 mm thick was laid on the floor, which was securely hemmed with screws to the lower plank floor.

Now the floor has become even, sturdy and ready for subsequent finishing.

Of all the possible finishes, it was decided to stay on a mature oak laminate. The waxed edge of the selected laminate provides moisture resistance and a long floor life.
Next, you need to put a layer of thermal insulation. For this, it was decided to use a foamed substrate with a thickness of 3 mm.

The substrate sheets are neatly laid out and glued at the joint with strong tape. At this stage, you need to make sure that there are no overlays of the substrate, since this is very harmful to the laminate.

Between the wall and the first row of the laminate, 8-10 mm thick wedges are necessarily laid. This allows the laminate flooring to lie freely, even if the floor expands somewhat in size over time.

When laying the second row of the laminate, it is necessary to create a run of the boards of at least 30 cm. This ensures strong adhesion to the entire floor.

The modern system of locks allows laying laminate flooring easily, without spending a lot of effort. It is enough just to attach the board end-to-end to the previous one and lightly tap with your fist at the place of the transverse connection.

The extreme planks can be pulled up with a special S-shaped lever, which is sold in the "For laying laminate" set.

Now you can pull out all the wedges that supported the extreme boards of the laminate. We won’t need them anymore.
Next, we mount a skirting board with a cable channel. To do this, pull out the central strip from the baseboard and screw the baseboard to the wall with screws, or nail on the dowel-nails by drilling holes in the walls.

In the outer and inner corners we mount the corner elements for the skirting board, harmonizing in color with the skirting board.

It remains only to close the central plinth, and the work is completed.

Beautiful warm modern floor is ready!