About growing crystals at home

About growing crystals at home, you can find a lot of information. For example, from copper sulfate or common salt. I want to offer a simple way to grow coral-like crystals with a turquoise hue.
What we need: coarse salt, a pinch of copper sulfate and clear water without boiling. It is better to take filtered water, but not just from the water supply.
Let's make a salt solution: pour water into a container and put it in a vessel with warm water (about 50 ° С - 60 ° С). Ideally, the water will not contain dissolved salts, that is, distilled, but in our case, you can use filtered tap water. Pour the edible salt in a jar and leave for 5-10 minutes, stirring before that. After a while, the jar of water will warm up, and the salt will dissolve. It is necessary that the water temperature does not drop too much. Then add more salt and stir again. Repeat this operation until the salt stops dissolving and settles to the bottom of the can. As a result, we get a saturated salt solution. Pour the solution into a clean container by removing the undissolved salt from the bottom of the can.
Pour about 50 ml from the resulting solution into a small container. and dissolve in this solution several crystals of copper sulfate, about half a teaspoon. Mix well.

Pour our made solution with vitriol into a jar, until greenish in color and put in a cool place about 14-16 degrees.

After the solution has cooled, it is necessary to attach a salt crystal to the string. The other end onto the stick and drop into the solution to a depth of 10 - 15 mm. And again put in a cool and dark place. After 2-3 days, the crystal will grow. Then it will cease to grow and the crystals will somehow climb up. After 5 days, you will see the result. The crystal that you see has grown for about two weeks.

Other crystals:
Submitted by: Vyacheclav Koldin [email protected]