Installing a tablet in a car

Today it’s hard to imagine a car without a radio. Often, the owners of their cars want to improve comfort in the car. To do this, buy a multimedia radio with a set of many functions. But not everyone can afford a branded multimedia radio. After all, it costs not a little money. And when you buy a cheap Chinese radio, you have to play the "lottery." After all, no one knows how long it will work, even the manufacturer. The way out of this situation is to install the tablet in the car. The average branded tablet now costs as much as the cheap Chinese multimedia radio. Additional advantages of the tablet are the company guarantee for this product and the ability to take the tablet home. In fact, one tablet can replace both the radio in the car and the computer at home. With one shot you can kill two birds with one stone.

To install the tablet in the car was done carefully, and it organically fit into the design of the car, you will have to try and spend a little time and effort.

The procedure for installing the tablet in the car

Installing a tablet in a car involves several steps:
  • preparing a place for a tablet;
  • making a shelf for a tablet;
  • installation of an amplifier and supply of power wires;
  • installing a tablet in a car and setting it up.

First of all, you need to prepare a place for the tablet. It is placed in the central part of the car dashboard so that there is a good view from all seats. In almost all cars, a standard radio tape recorder and a glove box are located in this place. These facilities will have to be sacrificed. If on the installation site of the future tablet any buttons are placed, they need to be moved to another convenient place for use. The old radio tape recorder needs to be removed, and the power cable and speaker taps should be left. A tablet will be connected to them. Then you need to remove the part of the torpedo on which the tablet will be installed.

Making a shelf for a tablet

The next step is to make a shelf for the tablet. To do this, you need to purchase a tablet (if it is not already), epoxy resin, putty for plastic, rubber spatulas, spray paint can in the color of a car torpedo. Prepare a jigsaw, sandpaper, drill, a lot of plastic bags, a bandage, tape. Then place the shot part of the torpedo on the table. Place the tablet on it as it will be installed. Mark the boundaries of the tablet on the future shelf and use a jigsaw to cut off all unnecessary bulges. Then put the tablet in plastic bags. It is desirable in different positions for the tablet to be completely packed in them, and all this is good to wrap with tape. Lay the tablet down on the table. Put a shelf on it as in the future the tablet will be located on it. Using epoxy, pour all the bumps and unnecessary holes on the back of the shelf directly onto the tablet. For strength, it is necessary to lay the bandage on epoxy in several layers. When the entire surface of the shelf is finished, it must be left to dry for 2-3 days.

In this case, the tablet can not be pulled out in any case. You should get a quality cast. After the epoxy is completely dry, you need to remove the tablet and process the resulting impression in a neat shelf. Immediately you need to drill two holes for the connectors for charging and headphones. Then process the shelf with sandpaper to remove gross differences. Using a rubber spatula, apply several layers of putty for plastic one after another. After drying the putty, process the shelf with sandpaper, try on a tablet. If necessary, remove excess putty or add an additional layer. If the tablet clearly falls into place, then the shelf is ready. At the end, you need to paint the shelf with spray paint. For this, it is best to hang it. After painting, wait for the shelf to dry completely.

For a clear and loud sound you need an amplifier. You can install it in place of the old radio. From the amplifier, you need to make wire taps to the speakers and a tap to supply a signal from the tablet. The plug is needed for a 3.5 jack, like on headphones. After installing the amplifier, you need to output power to the tablet. To do this, you need to connect a cigarette lighter to the power cable that was left from the old radio, and insert car charger for the tablet into it and insulate it all well.

After completing all the preparatory work, it remains only to install the tablet in the car. To do this, take the shelf for the tablet and insert it into the car dashboard. In this case, do not forget to hold the power wire and output to the speakers in the holes prepared in advance in the shelf. Install the tablet on a shelf, connect the speaker and power connectors to it. Make sound, video and navigation settings on the tablet according to personal preferences. This completes the installation of the tablet in the car.

Now in your car there is a high-quality multimedia center with the Internet, a navigator, high-quality music, films and many additional features that the tablet has. And installing a tablet in a car will not be any difficulty, even when doing all the work yourself.