Christmas tree toy "Snowman"

The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree with toys has been around for a long time. Recently, DIY toys have been especially popular. They can be made of cardboard, felt, cotton wool or even waste material. And I propose to make a toy for the Christmas tree “Snowman” from an old newspaper and sugar. Interesting? Unusual? Then let's get started!
To create a New Year's Snowman, we need:
  • Newspaper or white album sheet;
  • Scotch;
  • Scissors;
  • Toothpicks
  • Glue gun or glue moment;
  • Sugar;
  • Snowman decor (2 small buttons; 2 eyes; satin ribbon; a small piece of orange cardboard).

Step 1. Take a small piece of newspaper or a white album sheet. Now roll up a small ball. If you roll for a long time, the newspaper rolls into a rather dense ball. Its size depends on how many newspaper sheets you put in there. You need to roll it so that the ball turns out really dense (from the album sheet the snowman will turn out more dense than from the newspaper). Let's make only three of these balls. The first will be large, the second will be medium, the third will be small.

Step 2. Adhesive tape over each ball. This is necessary in order to give them a more rounded and even shape.

Step 3. Now the fun part begins. For this we need sugar. Toothpick puncture our smallest ball. It is necessary that it be tightly mounted on a toothpick. We will do this so that it is convenient for us to hold it. We apply glue to the whole ball, this can be done with a glue gun or glue Moment. Next, roll the ball in sugar, this will create the effect that the snowman is made of snow.

Step 4. Now take our medium and large balls, in the same way, roll them in sugar. We connect all three balls with toothpicks. It is necessary that the balls are securely fixed to each other. Bottom should be a large ball, then the middle and finally the smallest.

Step 5. It remains to decorate the Snowman. Take a satin ribbon and wrap it around the snowman's neck - this will be a scarf. Next, glue 2 small eyes, they can be replaced with small beads. We also glue two buttons on the body.

Step 6. Make a loop from a thin rope so that you can hang a snowman on a Christmas tree, attach it to the head of a Snowman. It remains to make a nose. From a small piece of orange cardboard we make a small cone and glue it. If desired, you can make a Snowman a hat, for example a small hat or a bucket. Imagine!

Well, that’s it, the Snowman is ready!

Such a wonderful toy will certainly decorate the Christmas tree, and sugar will create the effect that the snowman is molded from snow. And if you attract children to this work, they will be delighted!