Making a knitted Christmas tree

To make a small funny Christmas tree, we need the following materials: gypsum, watercolor, coins, threads, knitting needles, needle, scotch tape, cardboard, pencil, synthetic winterizer, tubes from magazine sheets, 2-color tape, silicone glue, a small piece of wire, a pot or a plastic jar, a small cut of white satin fabric and a little patience.
1. Knit from our threads, I took a fluffy Christmas tree, a small triangle. I gained 60 loops. When 4 loops remain on the knitting needles, we knit them about 8-10 rows to get a sharp elongated tip.

2. We glue the paper tubes together and attach to them with tape a small piece of wire.

3. We sew our knitted triangle so that the wire is tightly fixed in the upper sharp part of the future Christmas tree. Due to this, the tip can be given any desired position.

4. Wrap the leg with thread and fill the Christmas tree with synthetic winterizer or any other filler.

5. Cut out a circle from cardboard and sew it to the lower edges of the Christmas tree.

6. Apply glue to the cardboard circle and decorate the lower part of the Christmas tree with threads.

7. Now we take a plastic pot or jar, spread plaster in accordance with the instructions and fill it inside our "container".

8. We drip a few drops of paint into the pot and with the help of a brush we mix the paint on the surface a little.

9. When the gypsum begins to set, we put the Christmas tree’s leg in a pot, and put some coins into our improvised ground.

10. Put glue on the upper edge of the pot and wrap it with a cloth.

11. Cut off the excess fabric and decorate the upper part of the pot with white and brown threads, fixing them to glue.

12. We cut the ribbons into uniform segments and sew small bows from them. With glue we attach bows to the Christmas tree. The top can be bent and additionally decorated with pebbles or a large bead.

13. Now our beauty is quite ready for the New Year.