We transform shoes ourselves

The New Year is just around the corner, so you should already think about your outfit for the festive evening. If there is no way to buy new things, we will "reconstruct" the old ones. And as always, you will need improvised means: threads, needles, paint and glue for shoes, all kinds of accessories, and of course fantasy.
Favorite shoes have lost their presentable appearance or is the outer shell of the boots a little spoiled? There is a great way to upgrade your old shoe and give it a new life. To do this, you need shoe paint in a spray can (spray paint) and improvised tools in the form of newspapers and scotch tape.
First you need to determine the color of the paint and those areas of shoes that are subject to updating. Have you decided? That’s fine, we leave free the area of ​​shoes that we will stain, and cover the rest of the shoes with newspaper and scotch tape. Apply paint to an open surface. I advise you to do this on the balcony or in the open, as the smell of paint is very persistent. Yes, and when you apply paint to your shoes with a spray gun, be careful not to accidentally paint over anything else.
Then we give a few minutes to dry the paint and remove the improvised means.
The pictures show boots before and after staining. In my opinion, very nice boots have turned out.

Another way. We find scarves in old things or better even an old fringed tablecloth. In extreme cases, you can buy a suitable fringe in a fabric store and related accessories. We glue the shoe glue on the outside of the upper part of the boots or shoes with a fringe, applying a strip of glue on the material with a thin layer. And you have completely different shoes, cute and not like the rest.
Imagine and you will succeed. Be your own designer!