Tea Citrus Peel

How do you like tea? With or without lemon? If you like lemon tea, this recipe will come in handy.

Whoever is not familiar with the picture: spoiled oranges, tangerines and lemons or their peel are sent to the trash.

Do not rush to throw everything away, this can still serve you.

Peel the citrus fruits from spoiled parts. They will become the main ingredient.

Add to them: sugar and ginger.

Squeeze the juice from the fruit.

Add 3-4 tablespoons of sugar to the juice and mix until all is dissolved.

Crush citrus peels.

Ginger is better to grate. So it will give more flavor. But, you can cut into thin circles. Add it to the crusts and mix.

Pour the resulting mass with citrus syrup, and grate the crusts well.
Put the resulting mass in a glass jar and refrigerate for a day.
And now it's time to try the culinary "masterpiece".
Make a cup of tea and add a spoonful of citrus peels to it.

Let it infuse for a few minutes and enjoy the drink. You have not tried such a fragrant drink yet!
This recipe will complement the culinary treasury of each housewife with dignity. He teaches to save, because it’s better to start with little things!