Vase "Oriental Tale"

The stores are now full of all kinds of crafts with which you can decorate your apartment. But it is always nice to have beautiful, stylish things done by your own hands in the house, and even better - made with your children (or grandchildren). Independent selection of crafts is preferable, because there is a choice of the craft itself, its color scheme, materials for its manufacture. Thinking of doing this or that thing, you will determine in advance a place for it in your apartment, make it in accordance with the general style of the room, your taste, display what you like.
Today we offer you to paint a glass large flower vase. At that moment when there is no bouquet of cut flowers, it can be used as a stand for potted plants or as a container for bright balls of yarn, children's little balls. Only if there are small children in the house or for painting products with children, it is better to take such a vase from unbreakable materials (plastic, plastic). For painting, you can not necessarily use a vase: you might want to paint a wooden box, an unusual bottle, ceramic pot, flower pot. The choice for fantasy is great.
For work, we need:

glass vase
acrylic paints and contours
acrylic lacquer
narrow strip of paper

Completing of the work/
Decide on the choice of drawing or motive for work. In our case, these are the roofs of houses and minarets of the eastern fairytale city. Take a strip of paper of the estimated width, you can measure the circumference of the neck of the vase, or you can apply the picture separately made fragments. Put a pattern on the paper with the help of carbon paper or draw it with a pencil. Glue it around the corners with tape inside the vase.

Now proceed directly to the painting. We draw thin acrylic contours all the borders of our picture.

Having circled all the pencil lines, we squeeze it onto the palette - it can become a regular plastic bag or a multifora - acrylic paints. you can use both pure colors and mix to produce others. The main thing is that the drawing should turn out in an oriental bright and colorful.

With a thin brush, paint over the areas inside the circled contours. So we color the whole picture, if we painted with fragments, then glue the picture to an empty place, and repeat the whole process.

Acrylic paints dry quickly, but it is better to let our product stand for several hours, after which we cover the pattern with varnish. You can paint the entire surface of the vase in this way or make another strip of the pattern down. Do as you like - give free rein to your imagination and fiction!