Mini vase

How nice it is when flowers are fragrant in the room, immediately there is a feeling of freshness and pleasant atmosphere around. But the flaw of the flowers is that all of them, although beautiful, are of different sizes. Sometimes it is very difficult to choose a vase that is ideal for your bouquet of flowers: either too small or too large. But, nevertheless, you must admit that large flowers are easier to attach to a vase, and besides, they can still be trimmed, if they are too huge, and then what to do with flowers for less? On the one hand, there are really problems, but on the other hand, it is easily solved. After all, you can make a vase for small bouquets with your own hands.
To make a mini-vase with your own hands you need to stock up on materials such as: a base for a vase (it can be a form from an old bottle or from a yogurt), three narrow satin ribbons, one ribbon 1 centimeter wide and 1 meter long, several beautiful and flat buttons, as well as glue.

If your vase is based on a yogurt mold, then free it from various stickers, because the ribbons will stick poorly afterwards and subsequently stick.

We leave a centimeter or two from the bottom, and then draw glue on the vase at the level of two centimeters and glue the first narrow satin ribbon.

Next, even a centimeter or two higher (depending on how long your ribbons are), glue the second ribbon.

In the same way, we glue the third ribbon, but due to the fact that the neck of the vase begins to taper to the top, in order to hide all the flaws we need one more tape, but thicker. From the first half of this ribbon, we make a rose (any way to create this rose is suitable if only it turns out beautifully, because this is one of the main decorations of your miniature vase).

Now we take this tape with a ready-made rose and wind it, while gluing the tape to the base.
In principle, you can leave it that way, but you can add it to different places of the button.

You can take a lot of buttons and glue the whole vase, but it will not be right anymore, and also look a bit silly.
We paste the buttons in different places and at different distances.
And what a lovely vase we have!

Another plus of this little thing is that it can also be used as a cup for pens and pencils.

Whatever path you choose for your product, but be sure it will appeal to your friends as well, because such an exquisite little thing simply cannot be left without the necessary attention. It seems to be a miniature, but how chic can complement your interior!