Small dried decorative pumpkins

By the holidays, the people are increasing their desire to decorate their home - and so here who is what much, as they say.

I caught sight of small dried decorative pumpkins that had long been lying without use - and I decided to adapt them to the matter of "decorating" my home.

So, I have pumpkins, avocado seeds, a lot of dried flowers, acrylics, glitter gel and a huge desire to create something useless, but beautiful. She painted the pumpkins with golden acrylic paint, smearing directly on the surface with a finger. She did the same with avocado pits.

One of the pumpkins was very funny - the whole “pimply”, and the gold paint on it looked especially attractive. From this fruit, I decided to make a small decorative tree - I punched a hole in a dry thin crust, shook out the insides (there is little pulp in such types of pumpkins, and it dries quickly), took a small coffee cup, filled it with a plaster pencil, on which, like on the trunk tree, put on a pumpkin.

The largest pumpkin was decorated with glitter gel patterns. Even small children can draw simple patterns - ask them to help, and they will do it with pleasure.

Now all this "wealth" needs to be located somewhere in order to create a complete composition from it. You need to take beautiful plates, flat vases, baskets or even boxes, and lay out our creativity in them with a generous hand, not forgetting to mix pumpkins with flowers, adding cones, glass balls, suitable Christmas toys to them. By the way, cones can be put both simple and tinted with stains of different colors - it turns out very elegant (I got burgundy cones). These simple home decorations can be made in just 20 minutes.