Simple VLF at TDA2003

Today we will build a simple mono audio amplifier on the TDA2003 chip.
The TDA2003 chip can be dropped out of the old radio or bought on the radio market.
The rest of the details as well.
Here is the amplifier circuit:

The amplifier is powered by 3-12 volts.
The sound source may be a player or a telephone.
This circuit can be easily assembled by wall mounting.
My design fits in the casing of the music angel speaker.
Here's what I got:
Outside view:

Inside view:

I did it very sloppy, but I think that you should do better.
You can also, if desired, make an operation indicator, a toggle switch and a charging port.

Here is the speaker:

I recommend putting a capacitor between the two contacts (I set it to 47 uf).

Thanks for your attention.