Cubes from beads

From multi-colored beads you can make many trinkets! For example, cubes from beads can be made in any color and decorated with any patterns. I made a simple two-color cube so that it was better to see in the photos how to weave them. If you are new to beadwork, you first need to learn the mosaic weaving technique. This is not difficult, but the products are dense. The diagram shows everything available.
So, let's go back to the dice from the beads. Prepare small beads of any color, start with a simple one, then you can experiment with patterns and colors. Take the thread (preferably nylon). Don't like to work with simple threads? Then use monofilament - it will do too. And, of course, a needle, but not a simple one, but a special one for beadwork.
First you need to weave two rectangular pieces from beads. For example, my segments turned out two centimeters in height and six in length. As you already understood, they must be woven in a mosaic weaving technique. I got eight beads on each side of one square. Two segments can be divided each into three identical squares, if you succeeded somehow differently, then the cube will then fail to be sewn.

Are two pieces ready? Well, now all the sides of the future cube must be sewn in the correct order - for this it is enough to look closely at the diagram and photographs, it becomes clear from them the sequence.

I recommend filling a cube with cotton or any other material while stitching the canvases, it all depends on which cube you want to receive - hard or elastic and soft.

Such cubes can be used as key chains, pendants (for this you just need to sew the corresponding clasp), earrings. In general, this is a universal trinket, which, if desired, can turn into anything!

Good luck learning beadwork!