Snow curtain

You can decorate your apartment for the New Year yourself: all you need for this is a desire to create and, of course, a bit of free time. You can give the room a fabulous look using an unusual snow curtain made of paper.
To create it, you will need: PVA glue, scissors, a clerical knife, a light thread and squares of white paper. It is worth noting that for more effective finished work, you can use transparent threads.

So, first we take a piece of paper (it is most convenient to take ready-made sheets for notes - they are square and are better sized) and fold it in half.

Then fold again, so that you get a square.

And finally, bend in half to get a triangle.

Now, with the help of scissors and an office knife, you can start cutting snowflakes. You can do this by figuratively cutting out the middle part of the triangle (be careful not to accidentally cut the center of the future snowflake!), And turn it into a regular paper "corner", like this:

By expanding the "corner" you will get a beautiful snowflake! Depending on how you cut the “corner”, you can get many options for snowflakes!

A thread should be attached to the finished snowflakes using PVA glue, and this should be done so that the snowflake does not deform - everything should look neat. You can also string several snowflakes on one thread - it all depends on your desire.

Now that you have prepared the threads, with snowflakes glued to them, you can proceed to the last stage - the actual decoration of the windows. It is most convenient to fix the threads on the curtain rod for curtains - this can be done using scotch tape or by tying each thread.

Having spent about forty minutes of free time, you will get a unique decoration for windows that will help create a fabulous holiday atmosphere!