Convenient knitted basket-organizer for trifles

Each needlewoman appreciates the order in her workplace. Creativity is such a thing that loves new things. Various new ideas develop into the acquisition of new little things that have nowhere to be folded. To put things in order and organize your workspace today I will teach you how to knit a convenient organizer basket.
You will need:
- Thick threads for warp. I took two contrasting shades of thick yarn;
- Thin, but strong enough thread for strapping;
- Hook suitable size;
- Scissors.

So that at first the basket was without a hole, we begin to knit it with an amigurumi loop.

The first row will consist of six single crochet. Then we tighten the amigurumi loop and connect the last column with the first. Next, we apply the warp thread and begin to tie it.

We tie with ordinary single crochet columns, making them in each column of the first row twice. The last column of each row is connected to the first strapping loop. Should get such a circle.

Expand the bottom of our basket evenly. Six new loops must be added to each new row, evenly distributing them across the row. For example, the second row was made up of 12 columns, since we knitted each new column twice in each column of the first row. In the third row, you need to knit two columns not in all, but through one column of the previous row. And so on incrementally.

Expand the bottom to the size you want the basket to make. I make her small.

After that, we no longer add and knit up to the required level.

The last row must be connected with the handles. They are made from the warp thread. She rises up to the size of the handle, and we continue to knit the strapping thread further down the row.

When the harness reaches the handle again, it must be tied.

Between the handles with a strapping thread, make three rows. Thus, the pen and these three rows will be the same width and make up a single strip. Such small capacious basket should turn out here.

It can be used to store tangles and tools, or sometimes walk like a handbag. And if you connect such a basket with a base of twine and a larger size, then it will turn out to be more solid and perfect for storing linen in a closet, organizing children's toys or other items. So, with your own hands, you can create comfort and order in your home.