Knitted cover with decoration on the tablet

To make a knitted cover for the tablet, you will need: crochet hooks No. 0.75, 2 and 5; whitewash threads (cotton 50% - viscose 50%) - 2 skeins, iris threads (red, yellow, orange melange), red satin ribbon half a centimeter wide., needle, scissors.
Abbreviations: c.p. - air loop, senior researcher - single crochet, senior sc. - single crochet column - half-column, s.p. - connecting column.
1. First you need to determine the size of the cover. We take two skeins of white and work in two threads. We collect a chain of air loops (in this case, 60 vp). Number vp will depend on the thickness of the thread used and the density of your knitting. We close in a circle. We pick up 1 VP
1 row: 60 st.s.b., 1 s.s.
2-5 row: 3triv.p. for lifting, 60 st.s.s., 1 s.s.
6 row: three vp for lifting, 3 tbsp.s., 1 v.p., the following 3 tbsp.s. through the loop.
7 and the following rows: three vp for lifting, 60 st.s.s., 1 s.s. We knit in a circle until the cover is the size of your tablet. P.S. cover wall connections.

2. Now we knit the so-called "cover".
1 row: three vp for lifting, 29-30 st.s.s., turn the product over.

2-4 row: three vp for lifting, 29-30 st.

Next, we tie a pocket around the edges of st.B.s.

3. To make your cover unique, you can use it for decoration: small napkins, various motifs from Irish knitting, satin ribbons, beads and shells.

In this case, an orange flower is used, knitted from iris threads (yellow and orange melange), a button tied with red iris threads and a red satin ribbon.

In addition to these materials you will need: a hook number 0.75, a needle and thread.
First, we tie the button with red threads. To do this, we gain 3-4 v.p. and close in a circle.
2 row: three vp for lifting and 15-17 st.s. The number of columns depends on the density of your knitting.
3 row: three vp, then alternate two senior st.s.s. and two senior.s. in one loop.

4th row: three vp, then in a circle We close the circle.
5 row: three vp, then alternate two senior t.s.s. and two senior.s. with a common peak.

Next, we tear off the thread, leave the end 40-50 cm long. We insert a needle.

We thread the thread in a circle and tighten it.

Sew the button to the flower, and the flower to the cover. So that the threads were not visible from the wrong side, the flower should be sewn to the upper threads of the canvas.

4. Decorate the cover with a satin ribbon! We hang it as shown in the photo. Sew the ends.

5. Iron the cover. The product is ready!