Denim gloves

Each person is, first of all, an individuality, which not only differs from all externally, but also the inner world, style, in the end. As for the latter, few people like to be an incubator, so every time she goes outside, the girl tries to look not only stunning, but also unique. Moreover, each girl should have her own clothing style prevail: for some it is a classic, and for others it is a solid sport, but it is still better when you can find a variety of clothes in the wardrobe. A versatile personality - always attracts and assures that her boring is clearly not in her spirit. Such people are active in life, and try to succeed everywhere, but is it good to decide for everyone independently.
But what really is this, if a person has planned to do something, then he will surely fulfill it. If you have looked at some little thing - do not run to spend money, because who knows, suddenly you can make it yourself. For example, denim short gloves can be worn as in autumn, while it is still not completely cold, so they are also perfect for a sporty style, and not just for solid jeans. The main thing is that you can work out and do it yourself, not only gloves, and not just jeans.
For our gloves, we need such materials: denim (these can be cropped ears from your old jeans), two buttons or an elastic band, threads, scissors, a pen or soap.

We take the denim and set your hand on top. We circle with a pen or soap, but on the inside so as not to spoil the face.

We cut out the shape of the hand, but you need to take into account that you need to cut more than the hand itself, you will still stitch it, which means that the size of the glove will decrease.

We sew the shape of the gloves with a simple stitch (do not remove the material between the fingers).

Now try to see if your hand comes in, and then cut the fabric between the fingers.

Cut the circles as shown in the photo below.

Then, on top of the circle already cut out, or rather, where you formed a round shape - sew a button or elastic, otherwise your hand may not crawl into the opening.

At first you can simply thread with a thread, and then thoroughly sew everything up. If the gloves are small on you, do not be discouraged. Perhaps, in this way, you just made a souvenir gift to your friend. After all, a gift made by oneself is always appreciated more than a simple one bought. That and the first pancake is most often lumpy, which means that next time you will calculate better and will walk with gloves and be trendy.