Ball of CDs

I always wondered, is it possible to make a disco ball with your own hands? I tried and it turned out that it is possible. In order to make a disco ball with our own hands, we need a balloon, newspaper, water, paste, CDs and glue.
1. We make the basis for the disco ball using the papier-mâché technique. On the balloon inflated to the required size, we stick the newspaper pieces soaked in water in one layer. It’s better to pick up the newspaper, so the edges will be better fastened. Try to pick up the newspaper not in large pieces, so the surface will turn out smoother.

2. On the first layer of a newspaper with water, we impose a layer of newspaper pieces soaked with paste. Then a few more of these layers for strength. It will be enough 4-5 layers. Leave the ball to dry in a warm place. When it dries, it will be tough and durable enough. We'll break the ball inside the papier-mâché with a needle and thread a thread or fishing line to hang it in the future.

3. Cut the discs into squares of medium size. Scissors for cutting should be sharp, they can even be ground beforehand. We begin to stick small squares on a dry ball in a circle from the largest diameter. It is permissible to glue the remaining fragments onto the upper part. We use any glue suitable for such work. I use glue to glue the ceiling tiles.

4. The ball is ready. It remains only to hang it.

Making a disco ball with your own hands is a rather laborious job. Firstly, cutting a disco into squares is quite difficult. Secondly, to stick small particles onto the ball, perseverance and accuracy are necessary. But it turns out a brilliant iridescent ball, which will be a harmonious addition to the New Year's interior.