Gift wrap

The original packaging design is one of the most important elements in the design of a gift. Beautiful boxes for souvenirs can be made independently from inexpensive materials. Even a simple schoolboy can cope with this task.

We will need:
• small boxes with a one-piece lid (they can be glued independently from cardboard);
• colored paper;
• holiday stickers;
• glue;
• a simple pencil;
• scissors;
• ruler;
• pieces of the New Year's “rain” or other decorative elements (beads, ribbons, bows, etc.).
Step by step instructions
1. Each box must be measured with a ruler. Draw ribbons on colored paper sheets. The length and width of the parts must match the parameters of the boxes. Stripes are cut, leaving a small (up to half a centimeter) allowance.

2. Blanks of one shade paste over the inner surface of the box. Begin decoration from the center of the bottom to the lid.

3. The outside of the box must be glued with paper stripes of a different color. It is recommended to choose a bright, saturated shade (yellow, red, green or blue).

4. A square of the third shade of colored paper is glued onto the front outer plane of the box. The size of the part must exactly match the surface parameters, but be two centimeters smaller in height.

5. As a decorative element on the front of the box have an original, festive sticker. You can choose a picture on the theme of the celebration (wedding rings, a basket of Easter eggs or a Christmas tree).
6. An even circle with a radius of about ten centimeters is cut out of colored paper.

7. Four diameters are drawn from the center of the workpiece, dividing the circle into eight equal petals.
8. Scissors carefully make cuts without reaching the center of the workpiece.
9. The edge of each petal is fastened in the form of a corner, thus forming a three-dimensional flower.
10. The flower is glued to the outside of the box lid and left the product for several minutes.
11. In the center of the paper flower with glue attach bright ribbons, beads or Christmas decorations.

The result should be a beautiful holiday gift wrapping. In this way, you can decorate boxes of any size. Operating time, as a rule, does not exceed forty minutes.