Salt dough wall mural for Valentine's Day

Immediately after the New Year's souvenirs, the turn came and “Valentines”, this time they are made in the form of wall panels and pendants. We make them from salt dough according to a traditional recipe, adding only a little starch in order to facilitate the work with small details.
Valentine's Day is not only a holiday for all lovers, it is often another reason to express your sympathy and thank your relatives and friends for their role in your life.
Here is the process of creating such a wall panel with your own hands. It is not difficult to make it, and as a result, you can get a very original homemade product with the right mood.
First, prepare for work on the craft salted dough, toothpicks, a plastic stack or knife, paints and brushes. You will also need a beautiful ribbon in order to hang a handmade panel.
First of all, it is necessary to determine the shape of the blank under the panel. You can give the desired shape a piece of dough simply by hand or with a rolling pin and knife. Smooth the uneven edges with a brush moistened with water. After this, you must not forget about the holes for the ribbon, which can be done with a toothpick or the other side of the brush.

Then immediately proceed to the decoration. The pattern can be marked with a toothpick, fabric prints on the dough or any interesting objects: buttons, children's prints, beads. The plot itself needs to be fashioned from small pieces of salt dough. We chose a butterfly and a flower, the individual details of which are in the shape of hearts. You can attach volumetric figures to the panel blank, again using a brush.

After this, the panel must be set aside in order for the dough to dry. To speed up the process, you can use the oven or just leave the items in the air in a warm place, for example, near the battery. Do not forget to turn it over for even drying.
After 1-2 days, it's time to move on to painting finished crafts. Gouache paints are best suited for these purposes.

Valentine's card - the homemade product is almost ready, it remains to cover it with varnish or transparent glue for greater coloring strength.

When children work with a test, imagination is often not limited to one idea and a huge number of different story panels can be obtained that can be used as gifts.

My children and I annually make our "valentines" to give to all those who want to say "thank you": teachers, grandparents, friends, neighbors or classmates. We are preparing for this holiday in advance, because many people need to give a piece of their warmth, and this craft is best suited for this role.