An unusual gift for any holiday

The best surprise for the holiday is a handmade gift. You can make it for a loved one.
I propose to knit an original case for electronic media as a gift. In addition to a pleasant experience, a person will receive a useful thing to prevent damage to the flash drive when dropped or exposed to low temperatures.
For work you will need: flash drive, ruler, hook and thread.

The proposed model used cotton threads "Iris", but you can use any if desired.
First, knitting should measure the length and width of the flash drive. Tie a chain of 25 air loops, one and a half times more than the length of the flash drive itself.

Next, you need to knit the first row with single crochet, in the last air loop perform 3 stitches.

Then, without turning the product, we continue to knit columns in a circle, sticking a hook into the chain's air loops.

In the last loop we knit 3 single crochet. We proceed to the second row without a lifting air loop. Now we knit all the time in a circle columns without a crochet without additions of 11-12 rows so that the flash drive, placed inside, completely disappears inside.

Thus, a small bag with a height of about 2.5 centimeters is obtained.

Next, we connect both sides and knit a common row of single crochet posts, introducing the hook into two loop stitches in the previous rows.

We do not tie the connecting row to the end by 2 cm - a distance equal to the width of the flash drive so that it freely enters and exits the case. Pass the thread through the last loop and tighten. We pull the thread inside out, hook and cut the end.

For reliability, I recommend attaching a USB flash drive to the case. So you can not worry about the loss of itch and it is convenient to wear on your arm or neck.
It is necessary to tie the lace. To make it stronger, you need to knit in two threads. To do this, you should rewind, without tearing off the ball, the thread is four times longer than the required lace. Then knit a chain of air loops of the required length twice with a folded thread.

When the lace is ready, we pass it into a special hole on the flash drive.

We turn the cover on the wrong side and thread the lace through the bottom of the cover with a hook.

The lace is straightened, and its ends are interconnected.

We turn the cover on the front side, twist the lace so that the knot is inside and not visible.

We pull the entire lace by the side loop at the bottom of the cover, while putting the USB flash drive into the cover.