Doll amulet "Plantain"

Gathering men on the road, often girls (women), along with things, put their beloved miniature doll-amulet “Plantain” made of pieces of cloth with their beloved ones. In the hands of the doll was a bundle in which several grains of millet or other cereals and thread were hidden. Krupa was a certain symbol of satiety, so that the traveler was always full on the road. The threads were laid with the aim that the traveler always managed to find his way home. And such a doll can be made very quickly and easily.

The main necessary materials for work are fabric flaps of the following sizes:
square 16 x 16 cm. in white,
strip of white fabric 4 x 18 cm.,
a strip of fabric color 4 x 18 cm.,
dense colored fabric in the shape of a rectangle 7 x 18 cm.,
a triangle of colored fabric 16 x 24 x 16 cm.,
square 6 x 6 cm. from colored fabric. In addition to flaps of fabric, we need scissors, threads (ordinary), rags (synthetic winterizer), several grains of millet.

We proceed to the manufacture of a talisman doll:
Putting a rag in the middle of the square of white, we form a dense ball that will play the role of the doll’s head.

We knit the threads under the ball and, leaving a small length, cut off the excess tissue. From a colored strip we make a warrior on the doll’s head: first we fold the strip with the sides to the center, then in half. We put the resulting narrow strip on the head of the doll and tie it around the neck with threads.

Next, we make a doll dress from a colored rectangle: we string one side of the fabric onto a needle and thread and again we bind with threads around the neck. Then, from the white strip, on the same principle as the warrior, we make doll hands.

In the center of a small colored square, we put millet, thread and tie it in the form of a knot to the hands of the doll. We again tie the hands with the knot with threads to the neck, put a scarf on top of the doll’s head (a cloth in the shape of a triangle) and tie it on the back of the knot. The doll-amulet is ready.

Enjoy your work!