How to grow avocado from seed

I have been very curious since childhood. The result is not so important to me as the process.
Well, how can I, for example, bring a flower that dies from my sister back to life? Happened! Great - take it!
And how can you grow a watermelon? Please, get it! How to transplant a violet? Hold on!
This time I will show how you can grow a beautiful plant from an ordinary store avocado at home!
How to choose a ripe avocado?
Avocado is a very healthy fruit, ripe reminds to taste walnuts or pine nuts. I will not list a large number of vitamins, but I can say that there is plenty of vitamin E in it and it also has anti-aging properties. Caloric enough to be eaten. When choosing a fruit, make sure that the skin is not damaged anywhere, and the color without brown spots is green. To the touch, the fruit should give in slightly to pressure, but not be too soft inside, only with such characteristics the fruit will have the above taste)
If suddenly you bought an unripe fruit - just put it on the table, for a couple of days it will ripen.
So, you ate the pulp, and inside there is a huge oblong bone, which, for example, I was sorry to throw out and I decided to germinate it)

We take the bone, stick the toothpicks on three sides so that subsequently with their help the bone will be a half-thickened base in water, after about 3-5 weeks a white root will climb into the water from the underside - it can be planted in the ground. I took universal soil and drainage to the bottom of the pot.

It should be noted that the root is quite serious, so you need to be prepared to give it a larger pot after six months. I made supplements with biohumus (you can buy it at any flower shop), also universal (which I was at home) every 2 weeks: insist on 1 teaspoon per 1.5 liters of water for a day - then water as usual.

Six months later, the plant is already such, the leaves are longer than the palm. The plant is very fond of light, but direct sunny summer rays burn its leaves. Therefore, in winter - in spring, you can keep it on a sunny, warm windowsill, in summer, clean it from direct sunlight. Loves humidity very much, so spraying, rubbing the leaves, a steam generator (choose your strength) is simply necessary!
Look at the condition of the plant, do not keep for a long time in a tight pot.
Easily passes the adaptation of transplantation, trimming of the tops (for branching or tinning). Even if the stem suddenly dropped the leaves, do not rush to throw the plant away - cut the stem to live (where it is not dried and green) and water, as usual, every 2-4 days, when the earth dries. Very soon, the plant will give new branches, which can not but rejoice! Go for it!