Melissa sachet for crib

A sachet is a small bag filled with a flavoring substance to give things a pleasant smell or create a certain atmosphere. Now it is also an interesting decor item that will take a modest place on the handle of a chest of drawers or a bookshelf.
I suggest making a sachet with a filler of dried grass and lemon balm flowers for a crib. Melissa has long been known for its soothing properties, so a pillow-shaped sachet will surely help your baby fall asleep quickly.
1. So, for the manufacture of sachets you will need a natural fabric, in this case linen, satin ribbon (oblique inlay), lace, thread, scissors, needle, buttons.

2. To fill the sachets, the lemon balm grass must be carefully chopped, and to enhance its aroma, you can use a few drops of aromatic oil.

3. We mark on the fabric two squares measuring 12 × 12 cm.

4. Cut out.

5. We apply lace to the front side of one of the squares, pin it with pins and sew it with a zigzag machine line.

6. Next, we sew both squares to each other, with one side left open to fill with lemon balm.

7. The edges of the product are treated with an oblique collar.

8. Here is such an open bag and it should turn out.

9. Carefully fill it with grass, tamp and give the appearance of a "stuffed" pillow.

10, 11. The final step is to process the edge of the bag with an oblique collar. You can decorate it with lace. A large beautiful button should be sewn to the center of the pillow and pulled off with it with the help of both sides of the product.

In the manufacture of sachets, machine stitches were used, if there is no sewing machine at home, this product can be made manually. For this, the edges of the pads do not have to be taped. You can make them in the form of a fringe, stretching several longitudinal threads on each side. You can connect the sides of the product with a neat hand stitch, also done with the decor.
I want to say that for sachets you need to use only natural fabric, cotton or linen. Natural materials absorb odors well and retain them for a long time. The "shelf life" of the sachet is about 3-4 months, but to extend it, you can occasionally drip a few drops of essential oil on the back side.
As you can see, there are no tricks to make this useful thing, but you can make it from improvised materials. Let this tiny fragrant bag fill your house with tranquility and give your little daughter or son another good night.