Drawing Technique "Old Gold"

Using this drawing technique, unusual golden paintings with volume elements and antique scuffs are obtained. The technique is quite simple, even a child can cope with a simple pattern without a large number of details. The result, as a rule, is very spectacular: the finished work looks expensive and non-standard.
To make one drawing you will need:
Thick cardboard sheet,
Carbon paper,
PVA glue in a small tube,
Wide brush
Gold color acrylic enamel,
Black wax crayon.
We select a picture and translate it using carbon paper on cardboard. I repeat that cardboard should be dense, a regular sheet of children's cardboard is deformed and curled up from glue and paint.

Carefully circle the outline of the picture with PVA glue, trying to "draw" uniform lines.

In my drawing there are a lot of small details, so some of them just had to be filled with glue. We wait until the drawing is completely dry.

We cover the dried drawing with gold paint.

To paint lay down on the cardboard evenly, apply it with a wide brush. And again we are waiting for drying.

As soon as the acrylic dries, we put the finishing touches: on the side of the wax crayon we go through the drawing.

As a result, all convex lines should be painted, and the golden surface should become slightly darkened.