Baked potatoes with meat in the sleeve

What to cook today? The eternal question is when tired or unhealthy. I want something easy, fast and not stand by the stove. There is an offer! Spend 10 minutes preparing the products and you can safely rest for 40 minutes. The “smart” technique will do everything for you. What are you talking about? Cook baked potatoes with meat in the sleeve.
Collect the constituent dishes:

- meat;
- potatoes;
- onion;
- dill (fresh or dried);
- salt;
- olive oil.

Prepare the meat first. Cut into pieces, season with spices, pour soy sauce and mix with chopped onions.
Leave it and take up the potatoes. Clean it and rinse thoroughly. If the tubers are medium sized, leave intact. If the tubers are very large, you can cut them in half along.

Salt the potatoes, season with dill and pour oil. Shuffle.

Transfer potatoes to a pre-made sleeve.
Stack meat with onions nicely from above.

Close the sleeve and send to bake.
The potato is baked in meat juice and takes on a rosy appearance. Fragrant, beautiful, juicy, delicious! Baked potatoes in the sleeve, as well as meat just melt in your mouth. Vegetable salad will be a great addition to a hot dish. And most importantly, during the preparation you did not spend your energy, but rather rested.