Soap commotion

What kind of cosmetic products you will not find on the shelves of our stores. And all of them, according to advertising, are very useful for our body. But, unfortunately, as often happens, advertising does not coincide with the actual reality. And bought soap for moisturizing your hands can simply dry your skin. Whatever this happens, you can learn how to make soap yourself.
In order to make soap at home, we need:
1. 70 grams of soap base (here a white base was used);
2. Base oils of wheat germ, almond and rice (you can use any oils that you have in stock);
3. Fragrance Coca-Cola;
4. Pigments of blue, yellow and red (they can be replaced with food colors, but in this case you need to consider that they can mix with each other over time);
5. The form for soap;
6. Cookware for melting the base (make sure that the cookware of your choice will not be used later in cooking);
7. Liquid for removing bubbles (can be replaced with alcohol);
8. And, of course, the most necessary thing in soap making is the presence of inspiration and imagination.

After all the components of your future soap have been found, you can begin the process of soap making. To begin with, you need to finely chop the soap base, so it will melt faster. After that, the container with the base must be put in a water bath. To do this, you will need a small pan with water, into which a container with a base is then placed. It is important to ensure that water does not get on a soap base. As the water heats up, the temperature of the tank will increase, and as a result, the base will melt. In this case, you must ensure that the base does not boil.

After the base is melted, you can add fragrance and base oils (7-10 drops of each of the oils).

In this master class, the soap is three-colored, so the base must be divided into three equal parts and add pigment to each part (3-4 drops are enough). Now we take a container with a blue base and fill it with a soap dish (first you need to sprinkle the form with liquid to remove bubbles).

After the blue base hardens a little, fill the yellow base into the mold and then add the remaining red base. Then again spray soap with liquid to remove bubbles.

Now the form with an almost finished soap should be put in the refrigerator (so your product will cool faster). After 30-40 minutes, the soap can be removed from the mold.

The finished soap should still “mature” for 2-3 days in a cool, dry place. Then it can be used.