Multi-colored braid bead bracelet

Bracelet "Multi-colored pigtail" is woven of beads. This is a great way to get rid of stale Chinese beads - after all, here the quality of the beads is not particularly important. A bracelet is woven on a nylon thread, fishing line or thin wire - this is more convenient for someone. Very simple jewelry that even a little girl can do with her own hands.

First step: take three threads and fasten them together. Then dial on each thread beads of different colors. Collect the amount of beads by eye - then you can always add beads if some thread turns out to be too short.

Second step: start braiding the string from the beads. I think everyone knows how to do this. There is nothing complicated. Just do not forget to fix the last beads on the ends of the thread so that our bead lines fit snugly together. To do this, simply make the so-called stop bead: pass the last bead in the opposite direction several times with a needle.

Third step: attach the lock. The clasp for the bracelet can be done independently. Make a loop of beads on one end of the bracelet, and a bead on the other. Get a clasp.

To the bracelet you can weave the same chain around the neck. You can experiment with the colors of the beads, as well as with the number of threads. For example, connect at the beginning of the work not six threads, but six, then the bracelet will turn out to be more voluminous and immediately begin to look different.