Wool Beads

What could be nicer things done with your own hands? The answer is simple - this is a thing made of wool. And indeed, recently, accessories created with the help of felt are very popular among fashionistas and among lovers of practical and beautiful things. Today you have the opportunity to learn how to make simple, but at the same time original and bright beads made of wool that will match your spring mood.
Our jewelry will consist of several multi-colored woolen beads, which will be easiest to make using the technique of wet felting. For this we need:
1. Wool for felting (since in this master class the beads consist of three colors, I needed wool of light green, yellow and bright pink color);
2. A bowl of hot water;
3. A bowl of cold water;
4. Soap (liquid soap, shampoo, etc. are also suitable);
5. And, of course, the spring mood.

Now you can get to work.
First of all, you need to prepare pieces of wool of approximately the same size. At the same time, one should take into account the fact that in the process of felting, the hair "settles" almost 2 times (usually it depends on the type of wool and how much you will try).

Now a piece of wool must be spherical. To do this, you need to wrap the sides of the woolen strip to the center, and then wrap the bottom edge up. Thus, you need to pile the wool into a very dense ball until the piece ends (if necessary, you can use a felting needle - it will help remove some irregularities).

Having received a less even ball, it can be lowered into hot soapy water. It is very important to ensure that the ball does not unwind.

Only after it is completely saturated with soapy water, you can proceed directly to the fulling. Remove the wool from the water and then, with light circular motions, begin to roll the ball (approximately 2 minutes). Gradually, it will begin to become stiffer, then you can increase the speed and pressure force. You need to roll the ball until it acquires the density and size you need.

After that, rinse the bead in cold water and leave to dry for 12 hours. Thus, having created 12 beads (large balls are represented here - 4 cm in diameter), you need to connect them.

As a result, you should get funny beads that will delight you every day.