Shaggy decoration

Each needlewoman, who is even a little engaged in beads, definitely has his deposits, which it is high time to put into business. This jewelry looks great even if it is made from simple Chinese. You can come up with a lot of variations, play with the color scheme, add chopping, beads. So here we go.
For work you will need:
• Beads
• Strong threads for beads
• Bead Needle
• Crochet hook
First, we string about 1.5 meters of beads on a string.

Then we knit the first loop with a crochet hook.

To the loop itself, we move a certain amount of beads gathered onto the thread. How much - decide for yourself. The size of the loops of your jewelry will depend on this.

We knit an air loop.

Again we push the same amount of beads to it, again we knit a loop.

And so we knit all the beads gathered on the string. The result is a length of 10 - 12 cm.

Pay attention to the chain of loops, then it will come in handy.

In order to get a bundle of the desired length, these small pieces simply need to be tied together for the ends of the threads that remain at the beginning and end of each small low. Do not worry, this will not be visible at all.
Thus, we recruit and impose three ligaments. Their length is determined by the circumference of the neck of the future owner of the jewelry.

Further, it’s quite simple. We take 2 long bundles, we knit from one end of the thread.

And we begin to twist these bundles together, approximately the same way as pieces of wire are twisted. (Fig. 11) In the end, we bind the threads again. That's what we got.

Now add the third long bundle, tie at the beginning of the thread.

And again, we also twist the third bundle through the two previous ones.

Remember to tie the threads again at the end.
Here, it would seem, our beauty is already ready, but it wasn’t there. Ligaments very easily unwind back. Remember, at the beginning I drew your attention to a pigtail of air loops? Now arm yourself with a needle and thread of the appropriate color and sew all three braids of twisted bundles together.

After that, they definitely will not spin.
You did a great job. Finally, you can admire the results and think about what kind of clasp to buy for such beauty.
This jewelry can be worn by both a young girl and an older woman. And if you add the same bracelet ...